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Online Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering is a key part of the creative process, and is more important than you may realise!

Record labels are now expecting more and more for artists to deliver them a finished song which is mixed and mastered to a high level for their consideration for signing. Making sure your final master translates across all platforms. This is key to giving your music the greatest chance to succeed.

At Courthouse Studio we want you to succeed and your music to sound as amazing as it can! Each and every mix and master we undertake, we put our upmost in to making this happen for you, using our vast array of experience across all genres.

We use only the highest quality analog equipment, including our SSL 4000 Series Mixing Console, world class monitoring including our ATC SCM25A & Apogee Symphony IO MKII, racks of the very best analog EQ’s & compressors and, high end digital software, to give you that radio ready sound!

**Courthouse Studio is now offering ‘Klarna’ buy now pay later on our online services on checkout**