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Recording with Courthouse Studio, Manchester

Proving top tear recording services to meet your needs...

Here at Courthouse Studio, we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke tailor made recording service to suit any size project, whether you are looking for a single track vocal recording to showcase your talent, a grassroots artist working on your first album project, signed to a major record label or looking for a large scale orchestral recording, Courthouse Studio has you covered.

Our team’s main goal is to capture your sound and vision in a way that best showcases you as an artist, leaving you with a high quality recording capable of standing out in today’s market, whether that be streaming, live shows or vinyl, we cater for all artist, producer and engineer needs.

At Courthouse Studio we only use the highest quality audio equipment, and have a vast array of high end analogue equipment, combining this with a large selection of top spec microphones and pre-amps, world leading A/D converters and monitoring, ensuring we can get the best representation of your sound. Combining this with the very best digital audio workstations and software to provide you with the sound you are looking for, whether that be a retro vintage sound, or a modern style.

If you are an artist in need of a producer, our team has the experience and expertise to help you develop your ideas and songs in to a more complete end product, please head over to our producer page





The next steps...

Courthouse Studio recording sessions come with an engineer, we will allocate the engineer we feel is best suited for your project, or feel to pick the engineer of your choice. You can find our engineers on ‘Our Team’ page. 

Alternatively, If you would like to bring an external engineer you have worked with before, just let us know when booking.

Drop us an email at and we can discuss your needs and put together the right recording package for you.