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Mastering at Courthouse Studio, Manchester

The final stage in the process that can make or break a record...

So, you have a great song, great production, great recording, and you have a great mix, do you really need a professional master???  The answer is simply, yes!!!

A great master will elevate your record, giving it that last push to make it sound complete, and then to lift it to the same volume as everything else in the market.

A bad master will take all your hard work and the money you have spent, and potentially ruin it all, making it sound like a cheaply made record that will not translate on one or all listening environments, such as a club, car, headphones, mobile or radio. Over compressing, over limiting, bad EQ and countless other things that an inexperienced mastering engineer, badly treated room, cheap monitoring, poor converters, low quality analogue, and equipment used in the wrong way will turn your masterpiece from a great listening experience to, you wanting to turn it off as quickly as possible.

We have the experience

Here at Courthouse Studio, we have the experience, and the equipment to deliver high quality work every time. Working in a purpose-built studio, ATC monitoring, Trinnov room optimisation, analogue and digital mastering equipment, and the passion to give your record that final lift needed.

Courthouse Studio can undertake mastering in any genre, whether that be pop, dance, classical, reggae, rock, or anything in between, we have the experience.


We have you covered

The modern music scene demands lots of different perceived levels of volume for mastering, for instance, with styles like pop and dance requiring a loud master to sit with everything else on the market, taking this to the extreme with genres like trance, which is some of the loudest mastering we come across. Right down to classical which is a much more dynamic master.

We have you covered and are well versed in all genres…

Offering a bespoke service to clients is what we pride ourselves on!

We will first and foremost do what is best for the record suiting the genre of the song but, if you feel you have any reference tracks and mastering notes you would like to send for us to work from, this is great way to impart your energy, vibe, feel and emotion in to this final process of the record, helping to capture the essence you’re looking for.

Offering a bespoke service mastering

The next steps...

Courthouse Studio offers a mastering service, as well as an online mastering service in which you can simply upload your mix and pay.

Please email us at or head to our online services page to book your next mastering session.

**Courthouse Studio is now offering ‘Klarna’ buy now pay later on our online services on checkout**