Vinyl Mastering

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Vinyl Mastering


Vinyl mastering is a lot like regular mastering but, with a few added processes and precautions that need to be taken into account. If you are planning on releasing your music on vinyl, we would always recommend getting separate masters that are vinyl specific.

Courthouse Studio will master your song and go through the additional processes needed to give you the piece of mind you need when printing to vinyl.

Vinyl Master

Send us your final stereo mix, and we will master it to the highest standard using our top of the line analog and digital equipment, including our analog valve compression / EQ & high end converters.

Additional Pass

Additional passes are alternate versions of your song mastering i.e. Instrumental, Radio Edits etc.

* Additional passes mastered at the same time as the main version using the same settings. Additional passes cost £15 each



You will receive a high resolution 24bit – 48kHz file ready for distribution. (unless otherwise specified)

Our mastering service has a 3-5 (business day) turnaround time.

**Courthouse Studio is now offering ‘Klarna’ buy now pay later on our online services on checkout**