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All masters are run through a combination of analogue mastering equipment including our Masalec MEA-2 mastering EQ, high end converters, and the very best digital mastering software.

We take this approach to ensure that you get the feel of a classic warm analogue master, with the loud and punchy feel of a modern day master without the risk of any clipping.


Standard master: £60

A single stereo master suitable for standard distribution (final master delivered at 16bit / 44.1kHz unless otherwise specified)

Vinyl master: £60

A single stereo master suitable for vinyl distribution (final master delivered at 24bit / 48kHz unless otherwise specified)

Mastering package: £100

  • Single stereo master
  • Alternate version / Additional Pass (instrumental / extended mix etc)
  • Vinyl master (original mix only)



You will receive a 16 bit / 44.1kHz file for standard mastering or a 24 bit / 48kHz file for vinyl mastering ready for distribution (unless otherwise specified)

Our mastering service has a 3-5 (business day) turnaround time.

**Courthouse Studio is now offering ‘Klarna’ buy now pay later on our online services on checkout**