Stem Mastering

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Stem Mastering


Send us up to 6 stereo stems, and we will run them through our SSL 4000 series mixing console and analogue rack gear, as well as our hybrid analogue and digital mastering chain including our Masalec MEA-2 mastering EQ.

Stem mastering allows us more control over your final master, allowing us to process groups individually where a broad approach across the whole mix doesn’t work.

We offer both a standard master, and a vinyl master option.

Stem Mastering (6 Stems)

All stem masters are not only run through our hybrid analogue and digital mastering equipment including our Masalec MEA-2 mastering EQ, but the 6 individual stereo stems are also run through our SSL mixing console, and analogue rack gear to give that little bit extra feel to your song.

Additional Pass

Additional passes are alternate versions of your song mastering i.e. Instrumental, PA, Radio Edits etc.

* Additional passes mastered at the same time as the main version using the same settings. Additional passes cost £20 each



You will receive a high resolution 16bit – 44.1kHz file ready for distribution.

Our stem mastering service has a 3-5 (business day) turnaround time.

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