Analog Summing

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Analog Summing


Our SSL Analogue Summing service is designed for artists who are happy with their mix but, would like the tones that only a real SSL 4000 Series mixing console can offer.

Simply send us your stems, we will then run them through our vintage SSL 4000 Series console, summing through the console and the legendary ‘SSL summing amps’, giving you a final stereo 2-track bounce ready for mastering.

Analogue Summing

Simply send us 24 mono or 12 stereo stems, and we will run through our 24 channel SSL 4000 series mixing console.

We recommend sending us 12 stereo stems (24 channels), but don’t worry! If you want to send us more, we can simply share channels across there mixing console across multiple stems.

* Please note, that 24 channels does not mean 24 stems. On an analogue mixing console, 1 stereo file will use 2 channels, and 1 mono file will use 1 channel.



You will receive a high resolution 24-bit file ready for mastering.

Our analogue summing service has a 3-5 (business day) turnaround time.

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