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Online SSL Summing - Up to 24 Channels

Online SSL Summing - Up to 24 Channels

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Feel you're happy with your mix? But, feel it's lacking the vibe that only mixing through analog can do? Then let us run your stems through our SSL 4000 Series mixing console...


The SSL 4000 Series analog desk has been used on more number 1 records than any other mixing console in history, and is still preffered to the newer SSL console's by many of the worlds top mixing engineers.


Send us your stems, and we will run them through our 24 channel SSL G-Series sending you back a stereo 2-track ready for mastering. Don't worry, this will not change the balance of your mix as we will keep all the settings at 0 but, it will add more depth and space to your mix helping it pop out of the speakers like never before. 


You will receieve a high resolution 24-bit file (at the same sample rate as the files we received) ready for mastering.


* Please note: this is not a mixing service, and does not include mastering.

  • File Requirements - Please Read

    Files should be:-

    - 16-bit or 24-bit / 44.1kHz sample rate or higher

    - Loudest peak no higher than -3dB

    - File Format as WAV

    - Each audio stem starting from Bar 1,  Beat 1. Do not cut audio short

    - No limiting or compression on the Master Output

    - Do not Normalise or Dither any audio stem

    - Each audio file correctly labelled

    - Please send your latest final bounce of the full track (for us to reference).



    * Failure to do any of these may result in a longer return time for your product.

  • Product Info

    Our Analog Summing Service has a 3-5 (working day) turnaround time. 

£100.00 Regular Price
£80.00Sale Price
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