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Online Mastering - Additional Pass

Online Mastering - Additional Pass

SKU: 002

Additional passes are alternate versions of your song, i.e. Instrumental, PA, Radio Edits etc. 


We will master it to the same highest standard as your main master, using our top of the line analog and digital equipment including, analog valve compression / EQ & high end converters.


You will recieve a high resolution 16-bit / 44.1kHz sample rate file back, ready for distribution.



* Alternate versions must be mastered at the same time as the main version, and be suitable to use the same mastering settings. Additional passes cost £15 each

  • File Requirements - Please Read

    Files should be:-

    - 16-bit or 24-bit / 44.1kHz sample rate or higher

    - Loudest peak no higher than -6dB

    - File Format as WAV

    - Each audio stem starting from Bar 1,  Beat 1. Do not cut audio short

    - No limiting on the Master Output

    - Do not Normalise or Dither the audio

    - Each audio file correctly labelled

    - Please send any reference tracks that you would like to sound simlilar too


    * Failure to do any of these may result in a longer return time for your product.


  • Product Info

    Our Stereo Mastering service has a 3-5 (business day) turnaround time. 


    * 1 set of revisions included in the price if completed at the same time as the main master. Further revisions will be charged at £15

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