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File Transfer And Payment

Please Note, If you're using a handheld device please skip step 2 and go straight to Step 3 - Payment. You can email us the stems directly to once paid.

File Requirements - Please Read

1, What We Need...

- 16-bit or 24-bit / 44.1kHz sample rate or higher

- Loudest peak no higher than -6dB mastering / -3dB for mixing

- File Format as WAV

- Each audio stem starting from Bar 1,  Beat 1 (Check there is not any audio cut off at the start or the end)

- Fully labelled Stems in correctly labelled folders

- WET & DRY Stems are preferable for mixing

- No limiting on the Master Output

- Do not 'Normalise' or 'Dither' the audio file(s)

- Ensure all your audio is correct by placing in a new session to check, playing from start to finish ** 

- Include your latest up to date bounce of your full track for us to reference (mixing only) 

- Send any reference tracks that you would like to sound similar to, or would like your music to sit alongside


* Failure to do any of these may result in a longer return time for your product.

** Please ensure all audio files are correct, any files exported incorrectly are not eligible for a refund or rework without additional cost

2, Upload Audio...

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3, Payment

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