Courthouse Studio has been set up by none other than Jon Craig, with one goal in mind - To create a high class studio, without the high price. 


Using only high end equipment, arguably the worlds best interface/converters (it's believed that, 8 out of 10 hit pop records have been mixed on an Apogee DA16x over the last 10 years), world class monitoring, which in combination give the most amazing and clear sound, purpose built acoustically treated room, classic outboard synths, and the worlds best software plugins. This really is a studio at the top of it's game!


Jon Craig, who started his musical career as a House DJ, playing in clubs and bars across the UK, Ibiza & Miami. He quickly made the natural progression to producing. His 1st release was signed to none other than the legendary Juicy Music (Robbie Rivera), and reached a top 35 spot on, gained huge support from artists such as Tiesto, and also appearing on one of Juicy Music's "Robbie Rivera Juicy Ibiza Compilation CD's", which saw a worldwide CD distribution. 


The next few years saw lots of high placed chart positions on his own tracks, including a number 7 on for his remix for pop act 'Lara Smiles'. Huge support from A-list artists & Radio stations including the BBC.


Naturally with all this success, Jon was being asked to mix, master and produce for fellow producers/DJ's around the globe. Realising, studio work was more of a passion than DJ'ing, Jon hung up the headphones, and took the plunge to full time studio engineer. 


Fast forward a few years, Jon has now made the bridge in to the pop scene, holding down the head producer & mix/mastering engineer role at the world class Castle Rock Studios for 3 1/2 years. Working closely with renowned pop, RnB & dance producers, who have had millions of record sales, platinum records, and countless awards all around the globe. Don't worry to much if you are a dance producer, he still keeps his fingers in the dance world, taking on house, trance, dub step (etc) work.


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