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The award winning Courthouse Studio is a world class music studio in Manchester, UK. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality work for any size of artist, label or brand.

We offer a wide range of services including mixing, mastering, production & analog summing, with various pricing options depending on your requirements and budget. 


With 5 number 1's across the UK & USA, millions of streams and countless radio plays, you're in safe hands with us.

About Us


The Modern Music Industry

As we know, the world has quickly changed over the last few years, and whether it be due to Covid restrictions, too far to travel to the studio, or simply you are on tour and cannot get to the studio for an attended session... Courthouse Studio is now also offering an online mixing and mastering service at a discounted rate to our standard sessions. Simply send us your stems and we will get the final mix and / or master back to you.

We pride ourselves on delivering the world class service you would expect from a top studio & engineer - with the added benefit of all being done at the click of a button.

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The Studio

All our work is carried out by world class award winning engineers, using the highest spec digital software and full analog set-up including our SSL 4000 G & E-Series vintage desks running in parallel (The G-Series has had more No.1 records mixed on it than any other desk in history), vintage rack gear, ATC Monitoring, Apogee Symphony IO MKII converters & Trinnov room correction system, all in a purpose built mixing & mastering studio.

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Past Work & Clients

Courthouse Studio's past work has gained countless daytime  DAB / FM radio plays across multiple countries including main national BBC stations such as R1 & R2, Capital FM & Kiss FM to name a few. Gaining millions of streams on Spotify & Apple Music, multiple number one records in both national charts and worldwide sites such as Beatport. Signings to labels such as Sony, Armada & Blackhole Recordings, as well as being a key studio in the groundbreaking live 'Dance Classical' shows such as Cream Classical (including the 2nd largest selling Classical event in the UK, selling around 32,000 tickets), Gatecrasher Classical & Colours Classical. Undertaking all the music production & studio mixing.

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Contact & Booking

Contact us at...

Telephone: +44 (0) 7494 509114


Or make use of our discounted online mixing and mastering rates, and take your music to the next level...
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